Glorify Your Family Name!

It was one of the greatest Russian holidays, Victory Day. Russian people celebrated the 72nd anniversary of Nazi Germany's defeat in the Great Patriotic War.
I was watching the annual Veterans’ and military parade. It was joined by the participants of the Immortal Regiment. All of them carried their relatives’ portraits as an act of admiration and remembrance of all those who showed bravery during the most terrifying time in our recent history. They served to show that each person who died or suffered in the World War II had a family and was someone’s loved one.
I was sure that it was impossible for me to take part in the procession of memory. It seems to me I don’t have any relatives who defended our freedom and independence in the Great Patriotic War.
Such a strange thing is not likely to happen, because I know exactly that the Great Patriotic War left its unforgettable trace in each Russian family.

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Once I realized that I don’t know much about my relatives who protected our motherland during the most bloody and brutal war, the Great Patriotic War. My great grandfathers and great grandmothers pass away and the family history goes away with them. It depends on me not to let my family history diappear forever.

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To immortalize my relatives’ names who protected the honour, freedom and independence of our homeland from fascism during the Great Patriotic War for our family future generations

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